The Benefits of AI and Robotics in IT Infrastructure

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are revolutionising the IT infrastructure industry, offering numerous benefits to organisations, including data centre operators. These technologies have the potential to enhance energy efficiency, cyber security, workload distribution, automation, productivity, and cost savings. The data centre automation market is expected to grow to £28.58 billion by 2032.

Robotics and AI in the IT Infrastructure Industry

In our previous article, we explored the relationship between AI and robotics and their emerging role in addressing challenges within IT infrastructure operations. These technologies can now be applied to tasks that require minimal human intervention, leveraging their 360-degree intelligence to meet the growing demands and pressures faced by data centres. We also discussed the applications of AI and robotics in the IT industry and their relationship with cloud computing. In this article, we will delve deeper into the specific benefits they offer.

The Benefits of AI and Robotics in the IT Infrastructure Industry

The benefits of AI and robotics extend far beyond automation; they have the potential to drive energy efficiency, improve cyber security, distribute workloads efficiently, and enhance overall productivity. This article explores the remarkable advantages that AI and robotics bring to the IT infrastructure industry, demonstrating how these technologies are reshaping the landscape and propelling organisations towards a more efficient and secure future.

Driving Energy Efficiency

AI and robotics optimise energy efficiency in data centres by analysing and reducing water usage effectiveness (WUE) and power usage effectiveness (PUE). Intelligent cooling systems connected to sensor networks measure server heat patterns and ambient conditions, enabling AI to collect and analyse data for precise adjustments. As AI in IT infrastructure advances and processes more data, it provides enhanced predictive modelling capabilities to manage fluctuations efficiently. Robots complement this by measuring temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and ambient conditions within the data centre environment. Telehouse has partnered with EkkoSense, a data centre optimisation software provider, to support its green agenda and further reduce carbon emissions.

Improving Cyber Security

Cyber security is a significant challenge for data centre operators, and AI and robotics play a crucial function in ensuring the continuous security of data and physical infrastructure. The role of AI in cloud computing is extensive, delivering heuristic analysis of data patterns that can identify unexpected usage and notify Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams.

With advancements in sensor technology, visual recognition, and detection algorithms, robots now contribute to data centre security by providing an additional layer of protection. They can perform tasks such as biometric finger scanning or facial recognition. Moreover, their mobility allows them to locate the source of physical alarms, like open doors, using cameras and AI to investigate possible reasons, such as ongoing engineering works, ruling out potential intrusions.

Distributing Workloads Efficiently

AI and robots assist in distributing workloads across data centres. The integration of AI into cloud computing and relevant cloud platforms enables the optimisation of energy costs by calculating the carbon footprint of each data centre, thereby identifying the most cost-effective operation for each customer. Through trawling vast datasets, AI delivers predictive analytics by inspecting historical workload data and forecasting future trends, aiding IT teams in capacity planning. By intelligently monitoring computing resources, AI ensures optimal workload distribution throughout the data centre infrastructure.


As AI models advance, their role in technology environments, including data centres, becomes increasingly vital. AI assists in transforming how data centres are planned and built. Cloud computing environments can benefit from robot as a service (RaaS) deployments, utilising machine learning techniques to diagnose potential infrastructure issues proactively. By leveraging AI-powered analytics tools, infrastructure providers gain a comprehensive understanding of the environment, leading to improved performance and reduced operational costs.

Cost Savings

AI algorithms can analyse vast data sets such as real-time energy consumption patterns to optimise energy usage, resulting in significant savings on energy bills. Additionally, AI aids in predictive maintenance by detecting potential equipment failure based on historical and real-time data, reducing downtime. AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data and derive actionable insights at a speed beyond human capability enables faster problem-solving.

Increased Productivity

Robots operate reliably 24/7, streamlining labour-intensive processes and expediting workflows. Identified issues can be promptly flagged to the appropriate department for human intervention, reducing time wasted on issue review. Robots excel at tasks such as monitoring locations during off-hours and promptly alerting the relevant resources when anomalies are detected.

By offloading repetitive and time-consuming tasks like monitoring and maintenance to robots, humans have more time to focus on strategic issues that demand critical thinking and creativity.

Ultimately, AI and robotics significantly enhance efficiency, driving productivity, reducing costs, and improving cyber security through advanced automation. For more information on Telehouse’s innovations in this area, please refer to our Shape Your Tomorrow eBook.

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