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Internet Connectivity

ServerSocket (2-100Mb) IP Transit 

Telehouse ServerSocket is an enhanced Internet connection service providing a wide range of Internet uses. Features include direct connection to Tier 1 Internet carriers; BGP based multi-homing network, and many other benefits from Europe’s most established colocation provider. If you seek a solution offering a fast, flexible and failsafe route to your service, ServerSocket is for you.

Service type

Committed Data Rate based Burstable Service 

10 Mbps port or 100 Mbps port 

Tariff structure 

The basic monthly charge for 10 Mbps connection includes up to 2 Mbps usage, for 100 Mbps connection includes up to 10 Mbps usage. If 95th percentile calculation is higher than the committed rate at the end of the month, then the maximum excess usage will become applicable. Please contact Telehouse Sales for more details. 

Standard service 

Multi-homed Internet connection
1 x 10 or 100 Mbps port 
11 x public IP addresses (as standard) 
2 x Ethernet cables (Main and Standby)
BGP Connection 
Web-based traffic monitoring console (powered by Systems Observer)
24/7 helpdesk 
24/7 network & route monitoring, our engineers are alerted to problems via email and SMS.

Installation fee

A one off charge of £700

Configuration change fee

A one off charge of £700 (i.e. to upgrade from 10Mbps to 100Mbps)


Optional services 

Additional IP addresses 
Domain name registration 
Domain name management 
Network security equipment 
Customer requirements consultation 
Purchase of Telehouse colocation space (Available from 1/4 rack space. Please contact Telehouse Sales for details.) 
Customer’s server(s) configuration (Port speed and IP address with Telehouse provided information).  

KEW Burstable (100Mb to 1Gb) IP Transit

KEW (KDDI Euro Web) is the Internet service brand that is fully supported 24/7 by KDDI. KEW provides high-speed access and has direct connections to a large number of other carrier backbones. KEW offers a wide range of Internet services which includes an Internet connection service through to web server hosting.

KEW Direct

  • Internet connection from the corporate LAN via a dedicated line
  • Provision of a router/firewall
  • Fixed price


  • Internet connection from corporate LAN via SDSL line
  • Available capacities: 1Mbps, 2Mbps
  • In addition to the SDSL line, SDSL router and a Firewall can also be provided upon request on a rental basis.
  • Fixed price


  • Internet connection from corporate LAN via ADSL line
  • Available capacities: 512Kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps and up to 8Mbps
  • In addition to the ADSL line, an ADSL router and a Firewall can also be provided upon request on a rental basis.
  • Fixed price

Backup Solution Service


ADSL Backup Service

KDDI Europe offers an ADSL backup service for when your main internet line fails (dedicated, SDSL, ADSL etc)

KDDI provides a backup router to connect to the ADSL line.

Direct Backup Service

As shown in KEW Direct (Pattern 3), KDDI can also provide a second direct line as a Backup solution.


Home Page hosting (WWW) Service


Your home page will be hosted on KEW’s servers.

Assigning of Dedicated URL and domain name 

KDDI assigns a dedicated URL to your homepage to promote the company name and service name


Mail Service


A dedicated mailbox is provided on the KEW mail server.

Mail Addresses

One mail address is provided as standard.

Additional addresses will be charged at the rate specified in the Pricing Schedule. 

Standard Domain name


Domain application service


KDDI can organise domain registration on your behalf e.g.

You can also use your company name with as a sub-domain.

If you already have a domain, you can continue to use it.

Minimum period for keeping the Domain name is two (2) years.




The dedicated Internet service support desk operates between 09:00 – 17:00 Mon – Fri providing support both in Japanese and English