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Why locate your Data Centre in Russia?

Russia continues to draw investors from all over the world, as the sixth-most attractive country for foreign direct investment. Russia’s demand for data centre services has been rapidly growing over the last few years. This has been driven by the development of corporate IT systems alongside the demand for backup services for the growing volume of business critical data. Moscow is becoming a hotspot for technology investment as almost 65% of the net area of Russia’s data centre space is located here.
  • With 73.8 million users, Russia is Europe’s largest internet market.
  • The value of the telecommunication services market in Russia increased by 8.4% year on year to more than €31bn in 2012.
  • The sales of software licenses, related support services and SaaS solutions in Russia increased by 14% year on year to €3.3bn in 2012. The growth of the market was driven by further investments by Russian companies and the government in IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Investors believe future growth in the Russian Economy will be driven by the energy, ICT, and automotive sectors.

Telehouse Russia Data Centres

Telehouse is the first global data centre provider to enter the Russian market by providing highly reliable data centre space in the key economic centre of Moscow. The Tier III design and facility certified Telehouse Russia data centre is based in a 6,200 m2 site which is guarded 24/7 and has employed the latest technology in security systems.
Lack of local partners makes it difficult to operate for foreign businesses and is often an obstacle for business leaders aiming to enter the Russian market. Telehouse’ partnership with a local reputable data centre provider can support companies to overcome political, legislative and administrative issues to establish their business into this rapidly expanding market. Telehouse’ Russia data centre customers will also benefit from Telehouse’ parent company’s support, as KDDI also operates branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. KDDI Moscow manages the on-site connectivity, managed services and technical support for the  Telehouse Moscow data centre. 
Russia Data Centres

Russia Data Centres