London Data Centre | Telehouse


“This inward investment gives the Docklands campus the chance to build on its reputation as the hub of the new internet. What was once the most critical maritime port in the world continues to be one of the most important internet ports. With the majority of all UK internet traffic flowing through LINX, this investment in the national critical infrastructure of the UK is why we continue to host our primary network with Telehouse, allowing us to be instrumental in driving the burgeoning UK tech sector.” 
John Souter, CEO of the London Internet Exchange (LINX)

"Telehouse’s Docklands campus is the longest established and leading network system in Europe and forms a critical part of the UK’s, indeed the world’s digital infrastructure.  Today’s announcement of further capacity at Telehouse’s Docklands campus is important to ensure this vital network ecosystem can continue to expand and thrive to service the needs of the UK and Europe’s digital economy." 
Tim Anker, Founder and Director of Colo-X, The Colocation Exchange Ltd.
Supporting the launch, Mark Davies, Business Development Director at Cobweb, the UK’s largest Cloud communications provider, commented: “North 2 presents a really exciting opportunity for us and our customers. By providing an environment which meets the needs of the New Internet, North 2 will enable businesses to realise a hybrid cloud model and with it, the growth, and business benefits that the cloud offers within a trusted and secure environment.”
Mark Davies, Business Development Director at Cobweb
Illustrating the importance of Hybrid Cloud, Alastair Pooley, VP Data Centre Operations at Sophos agrees “Sophos relies on a mixture of cloud and physical data centres to provide service to our customers. We believe cloud is key to our success but underpinning it are strong facilities where we can host our critical data on our own hardware platforms. I’ve used Telehouse as a hosting provider for over 15 years and they provide a solid facility with the best connectivity options in the UK.”
Alastair Pooley, VP Data Centre Operations at Sophos