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Why locate your data centre in the UK?

For the second year running, the UK has been ranked as the lowest-risk European country to locate a data centre – according to the Data Centre Risk Index 2013 (DCRI), which evaluates risks likely to affect the successful operation of data centres in the 30 most important global markets. The UK achieved this ranking due to its data centre resilience, high international internet bandwidth capacity, political stability and ease of doing business. The UK data centre market is currently estimated to be the second biggest in the world after the West Coast, USA. London is acting as the key data centre hub accounting for 49% of the total UK data centre footprint.
  • The UK's key technology industries include the telecommunications market that is valued at £45 billion, a communications sector that employs approximately 250,000 people across 8,000 companies and Europe’s highest number of game development companies employing 28,000 people.
  • As one of the largest ICT markets in Europe the country is a leading player in the global technology and data centre market with UK companies sourcing more compute power and hosting more data in the cloud than the rest of the world.
  • The UK government is committed to provide the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015. With the 2012 Olympics acting as a catalyst, this planned investment in the UK internet infrastructure will support the growth of mobile media and content online.
  • The UK currently has the highest IP traffic usage per capita in Europe and 83% of its population connected to the internet.


Telehouse UK Data Centres

Telehouse has been operating UK data centres since 1990 when it opened Telehouse North as Europe’s first purpose built data centre in London Docklands. Since then Telehouse has shaped the landscape of the UK data centre market as a key industry player by becoming the primary home of the London Internet Exchange in 1994 making it to one of the world’s most important internet hubs. Today, Telehouse operates 4 carrier neutral data centres in the UK with all of them being based in London that host the mission critical systems of a variety of industries including finance, IT/hosting, media/gaming and telecommunications companies.